LOL this is probably pretty lame in most people’s opinion, but after being home going over my notes all day just about anything is entertaining for me.


I’m sorry what. what just happened..

Delicious, and super easy way to make an ice cream sandwich, just think chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in an ice cream sandwich.

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Someone Shoot Me… PLEASE

As if this next week wasn’t going to be stressful and just plain terrible as it is. I’m stuck at home studying until next Thursday not only because I need to, but also because other than to go to work I’m not allowed to fucking leave the house. It’s so damn loud, my dad won’t shut up, then he randomly turns on the tv, full blast, because he can’t hear, my mom has the tv full blast, I’m wearing my earbuds with no music playing because I need some sort of ear plugs to even make this environment sort of bearable to study in. On top of that, I’m really sick, coughing up a lung all day, drinking tea trying to alleviate the congestion, sinus headache, and awful dry and sore throat. This sucks, I mean I can’t even go for a nice walk outside and get fresh air to take a break, because although it’s the middle of DAMN April it looks and feels like it’s January. Obviously, I am in a very foul mood and I was looking up translation services, because my college won’t even assess me for transfer credit unless I give them copies of the course outlines from my previous course work. Not only was it a task and a half to track the damn things down, but they are in French and they will not accept the French copies, nor will they accept translated versions, unless they are legally translated and mailed directly or translated by my profs and e-mailed directly. Tracking down my profs from a couple years ago to do extra work for a former student is not going to happen. I mean why the hell would they do that for me, I don’t even go to Campus St. Jean anymore. I decided to look into how much it would cost to hire a translator from a translating service to do it. Well the quote I was given was almost 600$, with 50% upfront. It’s not like I don’t have 600$, but I am not paying 600$ for something that I could do myself for FUCKING FREE! I am livid, the lady working in admissions not only had no clue what she was talking about, she had to consult with someone else, which how do I even know she didn’t just go into a cubicle and pretend to have a conversation?! This is ridiculous, the two electives I’d like to, and was suggested to apply for transfer credit for, by the chair of my department, wouldn’t cost me much more than 600$ to take. This is absolute bullshit and I will definitely be contacting someone higher up at NorQuest, because this is a bilingual country I am living in, there is no reason why I should have to jump through hoops and pay through the roof, to get basic documents translated, simply because they apparently don’t have anyone who knows French. Not only do I highly doubt that is indeed the case, but I am aware that my University coursework is definitely at a much higher level than anything NorQuest has to offer. Right now I have to say, FUCK COMMUNITY college, their treatment of their students speaks volumes. Doing my education at NorQuest was not based on the prestigiousness of the school, it was based on the fact that they are the only one in the area, offering a specific program, recognized by ATRA, in Therapeutic Recreation, but although I didn’t set the bar very high for my expectations of the institution, they have completely tainted my view of post-secondary institutions in general.

LOL I really need to go on a rant about my hatred for the Octane girls one of these days, but I’ll say this for now: THEY ARE TERRIBLE CHEERLEADERS FOR A SPORT THAT DOES NOT NEED FRICKIN’ CHEERLEADERS! 
Also, I may not have any dance or cheer experience, but I could probably go to tryouts this summer and make it!

LOL I really need to go on a rant about my hatred for the Octane girls one of these days, but I’ll say this for now: THEY ARE TERRIBLE CHEERLEADERS FOR A SPORT THAT DOES NOT NEED FRICKIN’ CHEERLEADERS! 

Also, I may not have any dance or cheer experience, but I could probably go to tryouts this summer and make it!

Busy Bee

It seems as though I have zero down time these days, it’s been slowly getting to this point starting in January, but increasing my hours at work, the responsibility I now have retuning as supervisor in addition to the expectations I have from school are beginning to become quite daunting. On top of school and work I have been piling up extra curricular activities to enhance my resumé, but not really for that purpose, but rather to simply provide myself with opportunities to venture out and give back to my community. This weekend I will be volunteering at the Alzheimer’s Face-Off hockey tournament, an event that my Dementia Care class was supposed to play a huge role in helping with. When those plans fell through I took it upon myself to sign up as a volunteer on my own time and although I’m probably one of the busiest, if not the busiest of the members of my program, I will be there, because it is a great event, raising funds for a cause that will touch many of us in some way at one point or another in our lives. My main concern with all the activities and commitments I have going on right now, is that maybe I am piling too much on myself, to find a balance is what is essential not only for myself as a regular person, but more specifically for myself as an individual with bipolar. I cannot let my responsibilities interfere with basic activities of daily living, such as proper nutrition, exercise, and of course, sleep, which for me is probably the one I am lacking the most of right now, and if I continue to go down this path, a relapse is not only highly likely, but most likely inevitable. My assistant manager told me on Friday, and I need to remember this, “school comes first” I need not feel guilted into working because others don’t want to work evenings. They can suck it up, so to speak, because my physical health is vital to my sanity and I mustn’t let a lack of sleep interfere with it. 


On one hand you are like “Homer, you’re an Idiot” but lets think about this, he put the kids first and got them in a safe room, barricaded it, created a firing line and shot first.

Say what you will about Homer, but his military training has kicked in.

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….Mother of Demeter…



I’ve died and gone to heaven


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Where Is My Rest?

Drift off at 2300 hrs awake again in only an hour

Mind restless

Body exhausted, muscles stiff

Thoughts awake

Eyes wide open

I must sleep

Minutes pass as the time left to rest decreases rapidly

Can’t move

No one must know of my energetic mind

Overanalyzing every event in my upcoming weeks

Calculating grades, thinking of fingers tapping on laptop keys

Why can’t I sleep

I must sleep

This is why I’m not ashamed to watch Family Guy, it is so stupid, it makes me laugh… That among other reasons…

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So funny, this exactly what needs to be done when having a heart to heart in front of my friend’s child. Dean reminded me of this after I told him that I feel so weird because I can’t say or do the same things with one of my friends, her son is indeed an angel, but there are rules to what you should talk about in front of young children. We watched this movie together and I quite enjoyed it, yet had nearly forgotten about this hilarious scene.